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Name: erin elizabeth.
Age/Birthday: seventeen/february 11.
Location: albany, new york.

Bands: alkaline trio, brand new, the get up kids, weezer, coldplay, the white stripes, nirvana, foo fighters, something corporate, the starting line, taking back sunday, thursday, blink182, coheed & cambria, the distillers, incubus, jimi hendrix, the living end, metallica, mindless self indulgence, no doubt, rhcp, & lots more.
Hobbies: singing, dancing, writing songs, writing poems, collages & more.
Object and Why: my acoustic guitar because its beautiful.
Article of Clothing: my new skirt<3
Quote from a song:"take heart sweetheart, or i will take it from you"~brand new.
Tv shows: the o.c., that `70's show, family guy, futurama, aqua teen hunger force.

Why your SUPER RAD: because i just am!!! =oP
How you found this community: someone elses journal.

Drugs: it's your decision, they'll waste your life away, but yeah its your decision.
Alcohol:ok, if you don't get addicted.
Suicide:very wrong, just suck up the sadness and move on.
Self-infliction:ahh horrible, i could never do that to myself.

Tell us an embarassing story:at last years homecoming dance at my school, my strapless dress fell down, luckily i don't think anyone saw me but still it was very humiliating, and people were laughing at me when i told them what happened.
And a picture of yourself if you have one:

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