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dude, i am the RADDEST!

Name: Jessica
Age/Birthday: eighteen
Location: Coral Springs, Florida

Bands: Minus the Bear, Coheed and Cambria, Queen, Guns 'n Roses, Thin Lizzy, My Chemical Romance, TBS, Silverstein, Saves the Day, Atreyu, Motion City Sountrack.
Hobbies: wow. counting M&M's, baking cakes with midgets, playing old school nintendo while adding in my OWN sound effects. you know... normal stuff.
Object and Why: wow, definatly my refridgerator, only because it holds the most precious cargo. FOOD!
Article of Clothing: dude, my im rad hat, duh!

Quote from a song: "you know what, the next time you see nick, yeah tell him im gonna stick some needles in his face."-Saves the Day "Through being Cool" ONLY because, I think I would laugh if someone told me, "HEY JESS, WATCH YOUR BACK BECAUSE IM GONNA STICK NEEDLES IN YOUR FACE!"
Tv shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, Case Closed, Inuyasha, The Nanny, Full House, North Shore, viva la bam and The OC

Why your SUPER RAD: OH DUDE, because I bought the hat, and the shirt!
How you found this community: through a search

Drugs: wow, im probably pretty close to sXe when it comes to drugs. I dont dispise pot, only because I think it's better than cigarettes, but any other drugs are just dirty.
Alcohol: hehe im all for the bud baby. I should start going to AA meetings.
Suicide: it's a permanent answer to a temporary problem. I only hope people who think thats the answer realize it only makes things worse. :'(
Self-infliction: again, it only makes things worse... i dont know how to answer it because I know so many people who go through it, and it hurts me as much as it hurts them, I just try to be there as best as possible.

Tell us an embarassing story: well, im not really an embarassed girl, i think it just makes things fun. I did happen to fall down the stairs in high school, it kind of sucked because I was wearing a skirt, yeah, but yeah... no fun stories here. My friend mike puked on a slut once that was pretty embarassing for her.
And a picture of yourself if you have one:

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