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tell it to me straight; give it to me now.

Name: Katelyn.
Age/Birthday: 14 - 4.19
Location: Michigan.

Bands: Hawthorne Heights, New Found Glory, Matchbook Romance, Silverstein, Count The Stars, Northstar, Fall Out Boy, Senses Fail, Punchline, Hellogoodbye, and Taking Back Sunday.,
Hobbies: listing to music, hanging out with friends and playing guitar-I know a lot of people say they play guitar these days but I'm all for guitar. I love it.
Object and Why: Probably crayons because I like to color.
Article of Clothing: belts. they're effing awesome.
Quote from a song: "You can be my James Dean, I'll be your..sweet queen."
Tv shows: Boy Meets World, Rocket Power, Degrassi, and Real World.

Why your SUPER RAD: Because I'm so weird. In the middle of class I'll just whip out my crayons and a coloring book.
How you found this community: I was commented in my journal.

Drugs: Negative. I've never done drugs in my life. My older brother and I promised each other not to get into that ish. But honestly, I think drugs have more of a point than smoking. You actually 'get' something out of drugs I guess. I dunno. Drugs suck.
Alcohol: Teenage drinking is over-rated. If you're older than oh well, drink away. But people my age just do it to be cool. I drank a few times a long time ago. I was all...Wo0o0o!! GeTtiN TiPsYyYyYyy. Yeahh, eff that. That's sooo lame to me these days. Everyone does, you're not cool anymore. Alcohol sucks.
Suicide: Kinda lame. And pretty cowardous. I know it takes a lot to actually kill yourself. But you must be pretty afraid of life to actually kill yourself. If you haven't noticed, problems do go away. No problem is permanent. I understand if someone you know died and you can't live without them..but you can live without them, you're doing it already so why kill yourself? And if you were just dumped, get over it. I know it hurts but c'mon.."there's plenty of fish in the sea.."
Self-infliction: I understand completely why people do it. It's like..the only pain they can 'control.' I know people that cut and I try helping them but somehow cutting helps them. I still think it's lame but as long as you have it under control..I guess it's not that big of a thing. But scars are always a drag and they keep you from forgetting..I dunno, this subject confuses me.

Tell us an embarassing story: Haha, I'm a freshman this year..A few weeks ago I'm walking downstairs by myself. So I already look like a loser. Then there's like..4 hot kids coming up the stairs. When I'm around people I don't get all weird..I just act like myself. But, yeah, you all know how this one goes..I tripped. They laughed. The end.

And a picture of yourself if you have one:
Hmm..I'm looking a little depressed in this one..It's the best one of my face though. If you want more just ask. <3
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