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maybe im rad enough?

Sorry my app is way way long i was uber bored so yea thats what happens. . . .

Age/Birthday:13, September 13 (friday the 13 oo ooo im so special)
Location:Dirty Jersey

Bands: Avenged Sevenfold (a7x),Brand New,the killers, co&ca,breaking benjiman, Taking Back Sunday, Rancid, The Distellers, The starting line,muse, nirvana, greenday, offspring, motion city soundtrack, hot action cop, the strokes, sublime, him, alk3.....way to many
Hobbies:Hanging out with my friends, being bored, saying random crap to people, making a fool of myself, singing in the shower, soccer, droolin over my neighbor across the street hehehe i cant help it!!!!
Object and Why: hmmm cd player because i cant live with out music
Article of Clothing: my pink strapless shirt and angel ware skirt i got in Hawaii hehehe
Quote from a song:"i wish i could be the one the one who wont care at all"
Tv shows:Reno 911, Rockzilla and my new fav. crazy obsessions or sumtin i mean that show is awesome and crazy hahaha u need to see it if u havent its way to funny i mean there is a couple who have a cabage patch doll as there son !! Seriously u see the guy talking to him and stuff its crazy but so funny!!!!!
Why youre SUPER RAD: uh im claudia and im random , also got thrown out of the 99 cent store i mean how many ppl can pull that off, and have silk bed sheets in my room so i must have sumtin there o yea and have a 19 year old stalker ...
How you found this community:someone promoted in a community im apart of
Promote: uknowyouloveme

Drugs: hmmm it all depends because pot is somewhat good for you . . . usually when a person is goin through kemo for cancer they throw up or get relle sick and a dad gave his son pot while he was going through the kemo and he felt way better and didnt get sick and yes his dad was a doctor but like other drugs such as coke and heroin and shit like that i think is stupid but people screw up there lifes with that stuff...and yes my answer sounds like im kinda being like on both sides but thats what i think.....
Alcohol: Really who hasnt but dont start going crazy because it jus makes you look like a fool really....ive seen many drunk people and i think they look stupid but like if you have one beer im not gonna say wow your stupid because who hasnt just dont get piss face drunk....
Suicide: I think its stupid . . . but then again how should i know i really was never in that situation where i relle felt like i wanted to kill my self but i dont think people should do it at all its dumb even if you feel crappy it will someday get better
Self-infliction: I know alot of people who do that and i think its really horrible because like when i look at them or if i get a glimpse of there arm or leg i see all the sratches and i think its so sad and yea maybe it makes you feel better about yourself when your done but if the problem is that bad instead of cutting or riping your hair out of your head you should try to make the problem better in some way.

embarrasing story- hahaha so many but here is one:
okay im in this store and in the front are these little paper thingys and i didnt know what was wrapped inside but they were all vibrant colors and llike i got distracted by them and i took one and started reading the paper around it and a guy like 15 or 16 comes up behind me and says someone hot and bothered i had no idea what he was talking about and he grabbed one and then i kept reading and it was a condom i was soo embarrassed i wanted to like run away but it was way way funny hehehe---

Im sorry i am trying to get my pics up and am like soo close to well when i do ill make sure to post them. . very very sorry !!!!!
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