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I've never used a cut b4 so here it goes....

Name: Jenna
Age/Birthday: 14/ October 26
Location: Bay1, Jersey

Bands: Brandnew, new found glory, spitalfield, halifax, distorted penguins, rufio, taking back sunday, alkaline trio, socratic, blood for blood, river city rebels, bleeding through, the early november, senses fail, social distortion and i think that's it..yeah i love a lot of bands..
Hobbies: LJ, poetry, movies,sewing,music, staying up late..if that counts
Object and Why: my computer, cause i'm always on it and its name is Ferris, literally i named it that.
Article of Clothing: tilt jeans with the star on the butt, my black spaghetti strap tank, and my green ae hoodie
Quote from a song: "If photographs and memories can fade away so can i" and "at first i was falling in love and now i'm only falling apart"
Tv shows: everwood!, SNL, conan o'brien show, one tree hill, the oc,arrested development.

Why your SUPER RAD: because I say SCORE! alot when things go good...and because you heart me?
How you found this community: through another community
Promote: classic_beauty or is it classic_beautie?

Drugs: Personally I don't do them, and don't intend on ever doing them. I think it's disrespectful to your body. I don't see the sense in getting a high ,or what have you, off of them and then to have it affect your body in such and unhealthy way.
Alcohol: I don't drink, from time to time maybe, but i usually stay away from it because I know first-hand what it can do to a family.
Suicide: It's a permanent answer to a temporary problem. I also think it's very sad, becuase for someone to take their own life they must have some depressing issues. I'm also very against it, your murdering yourself, and it is cowardly.
Self-infliction: Its like taking drugs..your disrepecting yourself, and you're doing it to relieve emotional pain in a physical way. I think it isn't a good thing, becuase it can get out of control and you could wind up hurting yourself really badly, or fatally.

Tell us an embarassing story: lol its embarrasing.....well since you asked nicely...i left a comment on this kid's journal that I thought he was hot and I accidenlty forgot to make it anonymous then he told my friend and he made fun of me...ehh not very embarassing...but its the best i can come up with. sorry
And a picture of yourself if you have one: I've never posted a picture before but I hope this works....

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